when you think you're making headway.

You open the washing machine only to realize that a diaper has gone through the wash and has now exploded that mystery water absorbing gel all over your entire load of laundry. But I have to say I think my kid can be changed less often since clearly it can hold an entire machines worth of water. That diaper must have weighed a good ten pounds and thats after the spin cycle! Let's just say that load needed to be washed again.

Now I don't know about you but I seem to never get ahead of the laundry. I am forever re-washing a load due to it being left in the machine a bit too long. Is it too much to ask for my washing machine to send me an sms alerting me to it being finished so I can remember to switch it to the dryer? Samsung hear me when I say with this feature you will sell a million and one washing machines! In fact then you could sell them through the AT&T store along with an Iphone and an unlimited data plan.

That reminds me, I better go switch the laundry!


simple ingredients

peanut butter + chocolate + honey + frozen bananas = ice cream?

It's true.

It all started when QVC sent me an email alert about the "today's special value". That's right I said QVC. Only the best tv on tv! well except we don't have a tv, but thats a story for another time. Lets just say it was for the blender to beat all blenders and I pulled the birthday card! That Vitamix would be mine. I waited for what seemed like days for that doorbell to ring and the UPS man to hand over my new baby, But in the meantime all I could do was dream of all the things I would blend to within an millimeter of its former self. What would it be...something that could show the power of this beast...yes peanut butter, that's it. I trotted off to the store to procure a jumbo size container of peanuts so that when the doorbell rung I would be ready! Oh and I was, folowing the direction, somewhat, I poured in my 3 cups of peanuts and pulverized. Well if that machine didnt make the peanuttiest peanut butter ever, but when I scooped it out there was still a bit stuck in the bottom. So not wanting it to go to waste I figured what better to add to peanut butter but some chocolate. So in it went chopped dark chocolate and I pulsed (a new feature apparently for the creations elite) tasted again and thought a squeeze of honey perhaps for sweetenss? yes definitely, but by this time I was feeling like i needed a refreshing snack so I remember somewhere that frozen bananas make good ice cream and i happen to have a few sitting in the freezer for just such a circumstance and the rest is history. choco-pb-ana ice cream or as jonathan calls it the elvis!


really theres no actual recipe for this, but it was about:

3tbs peanut butter

1 row, the short way of a pound plus bar from trader joes

a squeeze of honey

2 frozen bananas

and blend!


passion tea lemonade.

I was all ready to do a tedious recipe about this, where I would squeeze lemons and make lemonade from scratch and have you mail order hibiscus flowers for the tea. Well then I went shopping for supplies and needless to say tazo just made it even easier for us. They came out with an iced tea pack of passion tea. Now all you have to do is pick up a bottle of lemonade and a box of tea and you're good to go.

the directions are even on the side of the box. easy peasy! now go do something else with all that time and money you just saved by making this at home :)


ahhh the dulcet tones of root removal...from your septic system.  

Who doesn’t love going down to the basement to switch the laundry that you had forgotten about yesterday only to find the septic backed up into your slop sink. Well I guess that’s why it’s called that because man is that a sloppy mess. So here goes 6 hours with no water. Guess I shouldn’t have had the Venti Passion Tea Lemonade today ;)


But if you're looking for a responsive septic rooter company might I suggest Oceanstate Sewer Rooter. They are a pair of characters but get the job done and will give you plenty to laugh about after they’re done.


Oh and if your looking for a recipe for a make at home Passion Tea Lemonade I’ll be posting that soon.


my day of beauty. or lack there of.  

When I went to bed last night I knew that today was going to be one of those days. As I got to the top of the stairs the tell tale signs of a toy garbage truck were clicking away in a certain toddlers room. Yes it was 9:30pm and that was bound to either fall in my favor or create disaster, mind you Mr. Cooper had been put to bed more than an hour and a half earlier. I continued down the hall and got myself all tucked in for my nightly rounds of solitaire and then a peaceful slumber when suddenly I realized I had yet to place my order for the milkman (yes the old school kind and no Cooper doesn’t look anything like him) and he needs it by midnight for a 5am delivery. So back downstairs I went. Of course in hind sight I probably could have texted Jonathan from upstairs and had him do it...but then again who knows what would have been delivered. So click click click, thank you Munroe Dairy for at least having online ordering and back to bed I went. See I needed an early bedtime since Jonathan  was needing to wake up at around 4am for an early flight. So here is part of the issue with this scenario, one, we don’t keep a clock in our bedroom aside from phones on the bedside table, two, Jonathan is afraid of the alarm going off and waking everyone in the house so instead repeatedly turns the phone on and off checking what time it is, three, since having Cooper I am the lightest sleeper on the planet, a pin can drop and I will awaken. Needless to say I woke up EVERY time he checked the phone. Jonathan got up and on his way and I remained in bed desperately trying to hold on to a few more moments of sleep and when I finally emerged from my bedroom and made my way into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and noticed this had happened...

As Jonathan puts it I have “rockstar hair”.  And with no time for a shower, there were bigger priorities like coffee and letting the dogs out, I did the only reasonable thing, I put a bobby pin in it. And thus decided we were staying home today. Thankfully it was also pouring out so there would be no need for the park and I could hereby declare a jammies day. Cooper obviously had other plans because as I was snug on the couch  he kindly brought over my mascara and said “for you mamma”. Thanks Coop but what are you trying to say huh?

(my appologies for the iphone pic, it was early ;)