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when you think you're making headway.

You open the washing machine only to realize that a diaper has gone through the wash and has now exploded that mystery water absorbing gel all over your entire load of laundry. But I have to say I think my kid can be changed less often since clearly it can hold an entire machines worth of water. That diaper must have weighed a good ten pounds and thats after the spin cycle! Let's just say that load needed to be washed again.

Now I don't know about you but I seem to never get ahead of the laundry. I am forever re-washing a load due to it being left in the machine a bit too long. Is it too much to ask for my washing machine to send me an sms alerting me to it being finished so I can remember to switch it to the dryer? Samsung hear me when I say with this feature you will sell a million and one washing machines! In fact then you could sell them through the AT&T store along with an Iphone and an unlimited data plan.

That reminds me, I better go switch the laundry!

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