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simple ingredients

peanut butter + chocolate + honey + frozen bananas = ice cream?

It's true.

It all started when QVC sent me an email alert about the "today's special value". That's right I said QVC. Only the best tv on tv! well except we don't have a tv, but thats a story for another time. Lets just say it was for the blender to beat all blenders and I pulled the birthday card! That Vitamix would be mine. I waited for what seemed like days for that doorbell to ring and the UPS man to hand over my new baby, But in the meantime all I could do was dream of all the things I would blend to within an millimeter of its former self. What would it be...something that could show the power of this beast...yes peanut butter, that's it. I trotted off to the store to procure a jumbo size container of peanuts so that when the doorbell rung I would be ready! Oh and I was, folowing the direction, somewhat, I poured in my 3 cups of peanuts and pulverized. Well if that machine didnt make the peanuttiest peanut butter ever, but when I scooped it out there was still a bit stuck in the bottom. So not wanting it to go to waste I figured what better to add to peanut butter but some chocolate. So in it went chopped dark chocolate and I pulsed (a new feature apparently for the creations elite) tasted again and thought a squeeze of honey perhaps for sweetenss? yes definitely, but by this time I was feeling like i needed a refreshing snack so I remember somewhere that frozen bananas make good ice cream and i happen to have a few sitting in the freezer for just such a circumstance and the rest is history. choco-pb-ana ice cream or as jonathan calls it the elvis!


really theres no actual recipe for this, but it was about:

3tbs peanut butter

1 row, the short way of a pound plus bar from trader joes

a squeeze of honey

2 frozen bananas

and blend!