what you might not know about smoked fish.


I know what your thinking. You already know everything you need to know about sardines, but here is something you might not know... they make an excellent hammer. Not only is the tin sturdy enough to drive a small nail into sheetrock but it is also pliable enough to reduce the noise on impact. Now your wondering how I might know this.

Well it all began during a blustery day in december. You see every year for my father in-laws birthday we put together a gift basket of gourmet treats. As Jonathan and I strolled the aisles of the Eastside Market deciding upon what delicacies would make a nice assortment we landed upon the Bela Lightly Smoked Sardines in Tomato Sauce. As far as I was concerned the packaging fit within the color pallette and theme of the basket so they were in. Said basket was delivered and most of the contents consumed, well all but the lowly sardines. Not wanting the sardines to feel left out we brought them back home where they have become a favorite pantry item. No not for cooking with but for playing with, you see Cooper loves to play kitchen and these sardines are his favorite a companion of sorts. He carries them around the house, pretending to talk to Gamma on the fish phone and such.

Fast forward now to a sunny day in April. Cooper is down for his nap and I have projects that need to be done. My mother had graciously given me some lovely plates that we're passed down from a great aunt and my first thought was that these plates needed to be hung in our back hall. Well it wasn't my first thought since they sat on the kitchen counter for 2 weeks and then got moved to another counter for another week, but anyway they now NEEDED to be hung, like NOW. Mostly because they were blocking the toaster oven and I needed to make myself some lunch. With plates in hand I thought for a breif moment of heading to the basement and retreiving the hammer but reconsidered when I thought "Gee that might cause a bit of noise" and wake Cooper up from his delicate slumber. And thats when I saw them, the sardines, just sitting on the window sill in the back hall conveniently resting next to the place where these plates needed to be hung. So long story short, I used them as a hammer.



mourning a loss.

This week I experienced a loss that is the kind you feel deep in your sole. You know the one, your support system, your comfortable mate. Yes, your favorite pair of shoes. This is a eulogy of sorts my way of saying goodbye.

Dansko Leopard Print Patent Clog, you were always there for me. You came in to my life at a time when comfort was a neccessity, many months pregnant with Cooper you supported my weary arches. And after Cooper was born you provided stability, a never wavering number in my fluxating wardrobe, always a pefect fitting 38. Yes and when it was time to venture off into the perilious terrain known as the toddler park you were ready for the sandbox, easy to slip on and off to remove excess sand and yet all you ever asked of me was a simple wipe down with the magic eraser to keep you shiny and fresh looking.

Walking into the Starbucks you knew how to command attention from the coffee clatch always getting a compliment and a longing stare from both the employees and the yoga moms. Why, Why did you have to leave me now? In a transitional season of all times, didnt you realize my feet are not ready for sandals? How do I replace you? Sure I can try to seek some type of replacement, some other clog, but they will never be able to live up to your high standards. You will be missed.

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