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bake it easy.

Mixing cinnamon and sugar is tough work.

Okay, well its not that tough but this little grinder makes it a lot easier. So thank you Trader Joe's for giving me that perfect cinnamon to sugar ratio with a nice crystaly crunch. Sure you can put it on toast, but I like to use it sprinkled on pie crust. oh yum. now lets go make a pie!


those darn flies.

Fruit flies. Enough said.

Actually you better go and make yourself one of these.

They help. No really they do and they only take a minute to put together.

Collect: a spice jar, washi tape, piece of paper, a chunk of fruit (i used banana) and some apple cider vinegar.

How: Add pretty stripes of tape around the bottom part of jar, this is mostly to hide the unsightly fruit and future flies.

Next put in the piece of fruit. Then pour in just enough vigegar to come up the sides of the fruit with a bit still sticking up.

Now take your piece of paper and cut it into a semi-circle and make a cone taping the side to hold it together. The goal here is to have a very small hole in the bottom that the flies can fly into but not neccessarily back out again.

Place your cone with the small tip into the top of the spice jar. You'll now want to run a piece of tape around the jar and the cone holding the 2 together and making a seal that the flies can't get through.

And there you have it. A fruit fly trap. Happy hunting ;)