when life gets in the way
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 1:02PM
erica smith

no seriously life totally got in my way. i was minding my own business when boom, there it was, all "you think you're just going to float along like nobody is looking...wrong"

let's just say the past 6 months have been more than a handful and ones a might want to return had i not lost the receipt. where to begin...don't worry this will be short.

christmas was coming (yes we go back that far) and there were parties to go to, and shopping to be done oh and of course stomach bugs to be had. yeah i don't remember putting that on my list.

so christmas came and it was merry. spent away from home with family and loved ones. when we returned the day after we were looking forward to settling in for the winter and instead we had a small house fire. not a complete loss but enough that we were displaced for weeks on end and had months of reconstruction ahead of us.

after that we figured not much more could go wrong but we thought we might want to toss in a car accident on top of that and being a one car family this does derail the routine a bit. but hey we did get a snazzy rental car out of it while ours was being fixed.

then snowpocolypse occured and decided we needed a humongous tree to land squarely on top of our summer abode, otherwise known as a 1979 trailer but hey it was enough to derail our summer vacation plans a bit.

but on to the bright spot...while all this was happening we got knocked up! yup we decided to toss in some morning sickness and fatigue and thought "hey whats one more mouth to feed" :) so this october we are looking forward to the arrival of a little girl to this bunch and really couldnt be moer pschyched about it.

the next 6 months are going to be awesome i can feel it!


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